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Comments November 15, 2006

Interview with a phpBB Doctor

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With apologies to Anne Rice for borrowing a title…

A few days ago I was approached by someone I had met on phpbb.com with the idea of doing an interview. My first response was… “who, me?” followed by… “why me?” :lol:

Despite the initial reaction, I decided to go ahead and see what came out of it. The process involved a lengthy IM conversation across more than a few time zones. The final result was … if I may be so !($humble) to say so ;-) … actually fun to read. The author (known as damnian at phpbb.com) posted the interview in two parts on his blog.

Meet the Doctor
Meet the Doctor: Part II

So my thanks to damnian for asking me, and for doing an awesome job of processing several hours of rambling down into a reasonable amount of information without losing the feel of the conversation.

Thanks, and well done. 8)

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