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The phpBB Doctor is currently available for private clients only. At this time we are not accepting any new work until we can clear out our current backlog. Thank you for your patience.

Table Name Table Description
phpbb_auth_access The base forum permissions are stored in phpbb_forums in the various "auth" columns. This table contains additional permissions or overrides based on group membership.
phpbb_banlist List of banned users. Users can be banned by IP address, by email address, or you can ban a specific user by their user ID.
phpbb_categories Categories are the first level of organization for your board. Each forum belongs to a category, while a category may have one (or more) forums. Permissions, however, are set at the category level. If (because of permissions) a user ends up with an empty forum list for a category, then that category is not displayed on the forum index.
phpbb_config Board configuration values. The values are in a name / value pair. For example, a name of "sitename" has a value of "phpBB Demo". The values in this table may be provided by a default phpbb install, or there may be additional values added by various mods. These values are maintained via the Configuration option on the ACP.
phpbb_confirm This table (available only in 2.0.12 or newer by default) is the result of a back-port of the visual confirmation code for Olympus.
phpbb_disallow A list of usernames that will not be allowed on your board. Wildcards are allowed. For example, a value of admin* would prevent anyone from creating a username that starts with the letters "admin", and thereby (perhaps) impersonating an administrator.
phpbb_forums Forums for your board. Each Forum belongs to a category. A forum contains Topics. User permissions are defined at the forum level, not the category level. That means that you can have forums with different levels of permissions within the same category. The optimal number of forums per category is open for debate.
phpbb_forum_prune Contains information about pruning frequency if Auto-prune is enabled
phpbb_groups A group of users
phpbb_posts Posts for your board. Each post is part of a Topic.
phpbb_posts_text The text for the post
phpbb_privmsgs Private message summary
phpbb_privmsgs_text Private message text
phpbb_ranks Ranks for users
phpbb_search_results Table used to store (temporarily) user search results. This table is not generally manipulated manually, only by search.php.
phpbb_search_wordlist List of all words appearing in any post on your board. As each post is stored, it is broken down into words. New words are stored in this table and assigned a unique key. That key is used to cross-reference words with posts for searching.
phpbb_search_wordmatch Cross-reference list of posts to words, used by the search algorithm. Essentially this is a listing of which words in the word list appear in which posts. It is used to provide a very effective way to search a large amount of text very efficiently.
phpbb_sessions Table used to track user session
phpbb_smilies Smilies list
phpbb_themes Themes detail information
phpbb_themes_name Themes
phpbb_topics Topics for your board. A Forum contains Topics. A Topic contains Posts.
phpbb_topics_watch Flag table to allow users to subscribe to a topic. When further posts are made, the user is notified.
phpbb_users Base user information, preference settings, and so on.
phpbb_user_group Cross-reference table between users and groups they belong to. Note that in the phpBB 2.x product every user is a member of at least one group.
phpbb_vote_desc Poll item descriptions
phpbb_vote_results Poll votes
phpbb_vote_voters A record of which users have voted in polls
phpbb_words Words that will be replaced (censored). It includes the source word and the replacement word. The original intent of this table (I believe) was to allow censoring of inappropriate content. You can also use it in creative ways like substituting correct spellings, redirect links to competitor web sites, or anything else that you can think of.

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